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Slot machines in Australia are generally referred to as video poker, poker machines or, in slang, pokies. Online pokies have additional bonusing and second-screen features such as free games and bonus levels. They also allow for multiple lines (up to 100) or multiple ways (up to 3,125) to be played.

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blackjack-fireWhether it’s simply for personal benefit or to dazzle your friends with, it’s always beneficial to have some fun and interesting facts in your locker. The knowledge can often wow both associates and strangers alike, as they learn from your knowledge and there is no better place to exert these facts and anecdotes than the casino. With games of blackjack often taking hours rather than minutes to conclude and determine outright winners, they can make for great conversation pieces in order to pass the time of the game. If this has already sent tingles to your appetite regarding the card game however, you can go on and play online blackjack. With the great online bonuses available there’s no reason why you can’t get started straight away. A few online casinos even offer a no deposit bonus as soon as you register!

Have a read of these mind-blowing background facts to the game to get your excitement flowing.

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